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A critical listening system can be defined as a speaker configuration and companion power plant, whose express purpose is to deliver all subject audio data with unswerving linearity to a designated listening position. A critical listening system is the ultimate determinant in what you hear, feel and sense; therefore, the maximum potential you will have at your disposal. Technical specifications of any given system or device are completely meaningless if the experience is unrewarding.

GROVER NOTTING® research and development is constant and conducted in two streams a) acoustics and b) electronics. From the outset a ‘first principle’ design approach was strictly adhered to, where all aspects of creating a premium performance critical listening platform were strictly viewed on merit, and without adherence to the usual homogenous industry practise or formulae of the day. This position saw performance and reliability considerations prevail over fashion, meaningless features, aesthetics, convenience or price point. Methodical research, in-house hands on development capability, practitioner feedback, free-thinking and respect for intuition, resulted in the successful development and implementation of new core techniques and technologies, complemented by understood and proven engineering practises. The process ultimately delivered optimum linearity, facilitating the creation of an extensive reproduction range that share identical characteristics redefining critical listening systems for a new era.

Today GROVER NOTTING® systems and devices are applied in entertainment production, analytical and leisure environments such as:

  • principal and cross reference studio monitoring in various disciplines including music capture, mixing, mastering/editing, film mixing, post production and broadcast
  • forensics, audio restoration and test laboratories.
  • audiophile and recreational deployment for the discerning listeners.

With great pride we are pleased to advise that GROVER NOTTING® is a totally, Australian enterprise including research & development, manufacture and ownership, whose art is being taken to, and embraced by, the world.