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Marian Digital Audio Electronics

Created and manufactured in Germany, Marian is the definitive Sound Card for high end and industrial users.

Somewhat of a well-kept secret, Marian are high achievers, renowned for reliability, a reputation born out of skilful design and robust build quality. The product range includes hard- and software for diverse applications including digital recording, mixing, mastering, broadcast, multimedia, measurement, A/V integration and cinema. Over two ranges, the Trace series for PCI and Seraph for PCIe, 19 Sound Card configurations are available, with connectivity options on most.

Marian technology offers much more than mere inputs and outputs, including smart synchronization – and routing possibilities, as well as the highly optimized driver design. The following provides an overview of the technologies, facilities and benefits available from Marian.

BEAST Heavenly Sound – Beastly Power.

The core of every Seraph sound system is “the beast”:  Powerful DSP that operates and processes legions of audio channels through the computer, with no additional CPU load. Multi-track recording and simultaneous latency-free mixing with facilities such as Phase, Pre/Post Aux, Mute, Solo and Pre/Post Level have found ergonomic harmony – inside the BEAST DSP Mixer. Its 32 bit channel resolution and a high-precision 52 bit mix engine with up to 24dB headroom, retain even the most detailed aspects of every audio signal. Should any of the 64 channels require a little amelioration or correction, Marian have included up to 256 analogue-feel full-parametric EQs inside Marian’s highly sophisticated internal signal routing design. Besides distributing audio signals to different physical and virtual ports, this routing allows independent activation of a channels EQ for each mixing sum separately. As an example: It is possible to activate the EQ of a channel only on the main mix, but leave it unheard on an aux sum for a truly independent musicians headphone mix. Finally, it also supports so-called re-recording by leading back playback and mix signals to an audio application. Any Marian sound system equipped with the BEAST mixer will turn your computer into a multi-channel mixing desk and high-end recorder – rock-solid and latency free for professional recording and real-life monitoring.

CLOCK Management a Flexible system.

The amazing functions of the Beast DSP along with the digital connections and AD/DA converters, are governed by a precise ultra-low jitter clock. Even when clocked externally, the entire system will retain its internal precision as the clock is always recovered and refreshed. For external sync besides the digital inputs, each SERAPH sound system is available as an “MWX” version offering MIDI connections as well as word clock and super clock inputs for absolute clock-flexibility inside a modern digital audio facility.

TDM Sync Bus An adaptable system.

After successfully introducing the revolutionary “TDM SyncBus” in the Trace series, it is now included in the SERAPH series, adding another unique and powerful tool. The TDM SyncBus combines up to 4 SERAPH or TRACE cards in one computer; thus enabling the sharing of inputs, outputs and audio streams along with ensuring perfect clock start/stop synchronization. Due its availability on all Marian cards, the TDM SyncBus is one of the keys in realising a successful long term Marian investment. Should a facility require upgrades, new sound cards can easily be added without rendering old ones obsolete.

Advanced DRIVER Support.

Refined over many years the driver of all Marian sound systems profits from an optimizing process, that began as early as Windows 3.1. Progressing technology advances, Marian has most modern 64bit operating system compatibilities secured on various platforms. Marians advanced software does not only offer various audio interfaces such as ASIO, MME, WDM with rock-solid transfer and the lowest possible latencies, but also a versatile manager application. This technology allows simple access, configuration and optimization of all the parameters of the specific sound system as well as control over the integrated mixing, routing and sound manipulation features.

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