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Timax by Out Board

Out Board are producers of live entertainment and event production innovations in audio showcontrol, live surround sound engineering and associated systems and devices. Equipped with two decades of technology development and experience, UK based Out Board is the world leader in source-oriented reinforcement (SOR), vocal localisation techniques and automation.

This focussed organisation is successfully meeting the growing demand for improved linearity in sound reinforcement and the expanding application of immersive sound technology. Out Board deliver advanced solutions in audio showcontrol and sound effects management, amplified opera, theatre sound automation, corporate event sound engineering, and live surround sound.

Out Boards TiMax technology addresses two applications concisely defined as follows:

TiMax2 Soundhub is a multichannel mix matrix and playback server for numerous applications including theatrical productions, events and AV installations. Some of the facilities featured in this modular system include routing, mixing, equalisation, delay-matrix, multi-track sound effects playback and editing, audio localisation, spatialisation, audio networking and remote control. Connectivity interfaces include Dante-64 and MADI-64. TiMax2 Soundhub is presented in an elegant and robust 2U chassis that accommodates either an analogue or AES Input/Output format, scalable from 16 in, 16 out, 16 tracks up to 64 in, 64 out, 64 tracks. This technology is equally at home in either permanent or portable mode.

TiMax Tracker is a radar showcontrol system using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radar signals to track performers such as actors and presenters for seamless vocal localisation or other effects automation in 3D space. This advanced technology can also be linked to other media such as lights, video, scenography and animatronics for example.