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OVATION by Merging Technologies

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Ovation provides a robust platform for use in any live, mobile or fixed event. For applications including theatre playout, live events, fixed installations, theme parks, hotels, cruise ships, theatres, museums, exhibitions, corporate AV, television and radio production, Ovation Media Sequencer and Controller is the solution when high performance, comprehensive control, optimum speed and ease of use is required. Integrated within Ovation is the Pyramix Virtual Studio editing system, facilitating on the fly editing and compilation of audio cues at any time right up to the start of the event.

At its core, Ovation deploys Merging Technologies MassCore™ Audio Engine delivering immense power and near zero latency for live input management. Based on Intel’s computing innovation, but without any latency inherent on host-based systems, Ovation delivers at a fraction of the cost of FPGA and other proprietary based mix engine architectures. MassCore™ provides an internal mixer, processing pipeline in the host central processing unit, managing up to 384 I/O with 384 busses configurable into any combination of mono, stereo and multi-channel surround with EQ/dynamics and various other plug-ins. The mixer can be remotely controlled via optional protocols such as Oasis, Eucon or HUI. Ovation is also available in an ASIO based Native version as well as Native with Ravenna. This dongle authorised system, is perfect for laptops, where shows can be configured and tested on the way to the venue or even run from a notebook.

Through a standard web interface such as Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc., it is now possible to access your show from anywhere, over standard HTTP. Log in and view cue lists, cues, firing and show controls for any application where it is not feasible to connect physically to the machine. Run a rehearsal with your iPhone, provide timing information to the pit conductor and provide limited access to cue firing for the stage manager or other staff.  Written using basic JavaScript and able to provide multiple access points to a single show, the ultimate tool for creating custom-made, fixed installations and exhibits where “black box” style configurations are required.

Having made its mark in AV industries as a dependable tool that can be used in any audio environment, Ovation has now added, the power of an integrated 3D rendering engine, for use with both replayed sounds and an almost unlimited number of live inputs. This initiative will impact workflows positively changing the way AV installers and live event production staff project planning methodologies. Flexible, powerful, affordable a combination never experienced before in 3D and immersive sound for the AV industry. Ovation is available in three configurations as follows:


SILVER features audio playback with up to 48 matrix outputs, VST support, MIDI and GPI/O support, Pyramix DAW editing built in and is designed for broadcast playout, small theatres and simple events.




GOLD features audio playback of up to 384 matrix outputs, VST and VS3 support, MIDI MSC MMC GPI/O RS-422 RS-232 LTC and .BAT support, Pyramix DAW with built in editing and extended plug-in pack and is designed for larger theatres, theme parks and any application where Ovation will be connected to a larger system and potentially a Master Show Controller.


PLATINUM includes all the features of the Gold pack plus Mixer Control integration with remote protocol support (Eucon/Oasis/HUI), Scene Snapshot and recall features removing the need for an external mixing surface from many applications and is designed for any application where Ovation is to be used as the core system (replace a mixing console, show controller and FX rack).