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PYRAMIX by Merging Technologies

The Digital Audio Workstation for all Contemporary Entertainment Production Environments: Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Post Production, Broadcast-Production et al.

Swiss, iconic, born out of a passion for music and creative perfection, the Pyramix 64bit DAW leads and breaks new ground. The release of Pyramix 10 signalled a glimpse into the future, presenting re-formatted software menu's, along with additional new and progressive facilities. The Merging Technologies video engine has been integrated into Pyramix delivering numerous video facilities and expanded potential. Audio content is about creating immersive environments, and in a defining response, Pyramix 10 brings with it 3D audio, an entirely new toolkit making the limitation of maximum speaker layout a constraint of the past, Pyramix is the first DAW to natively mix and master to any speaker output layout. Anything from mono to NHK22.2 and beyond is a reality without additional plug ins or tools. Matched with a number of other new feature enhancements including the mixer and automation, the latest Pyramix DAW is the benchmark in audio workstations evolution, a glimpse into the future. New software formats are as follows:

Native Standard Native
MassCore Standard MassCore Pro MassCore Extended
Interchange options (AAF/OMF/AES31) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CD-R Mastering + CD Import Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pyramix Virtual Studio Core-Ext Plug-ins Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flux Verb Session Reverb Yes Yes
Flux Verb Full Reverb Yes Yes Yes
Remote  control EMC:HUI/Oasis economy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oasis business class Yes Yes Yes
Oasis first class Yes Yes
Dirac3 TCEX and pitch shifting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Simple video track Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple video tracks Yes Yes Yes
Single pro video output
-using Blackmagic hardware*
Yes Yes Yes
Final check-loudness, PPM, True peak Yes Yes Yes
ADR toolkit Yes Yes Yes
Pow-r Redithering Yes Yes Yes
DDP Creation Yes Yes Yes
Super Audio CD/DSD/DXD support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced interchange-
Sonic Solutions/Open TL Import/FCP XML Yes Yes Yes
Machine control-RS422 remote/master** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video/TC synchronization** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MassCore multicore DSP Yes
Max speaker config size (bus type) 2 5.1 9.1 5.1 128 384
Latency ASIO/Variable ASIO/Variable ASIO/Variable Fixed Fixed Fixed
Channel count @ 
  1FS (44.1 / 48kHz) 24 96 128 128 128 384
  2FS (88.2 / 96kHz) 12 48 64 64 64 192
  4FS (176.4 / 192kHz) 6 24 32 32 32 96
  8FS (352.8 / 384kHz) 3 12 16 16 16 64
  DXD/DSD 64/128/256 (2.8/5.6/11.2MHz) 16 16 16 64
*Blackmagic hardware must be purchased separately
**Requires Merging Technologies Hardware