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VCUBE by Merging Technologies

Video Player/Recorder Systems – The Vision Tool for the Audio Operator.


Offered in standalone format or as part of a complex multi-system network, VCube maintains an envious position in the Audio for Picture world. Available as a family of player and player/recorder systems, VCube hosts a powerful set of functionality in an easy to understand user interface. Systems range from software only that relies on the Graphic card output to provide the picture, to colouring suite grade I/O for even the most demanding environments.


An impressive array of codecs and file wrapper supported, the perfect tool for transfers or VT room. Importable extensions MXF/OMF/AAF and FCP XML sequences directly to its timeline and read files directly from industry standard HD cameras such as the Sony and Panasonic. Compile varieties of files, codecs to the same timeline and preparation for the dubbing session is quick and easy with VCube.


In the theatre, VCube; the definitive replacement for video tape player-recorders. Complex configurations made easy with presets and a simple timeline. Sync options includes 9 pin, LTC, MTC along with Merging Technologies own Virtual Transport™ over IP, and the innate ability to perform on-the-fly timecode gearboxing, makes locking video to any system a simple task.


Mix is finished? VCube; the final step, has the ability to import audio to the timeline and DolbyE can be decoded and edited in real-time for QC purposes. VCube will wrap (as MXF/MOV/AVI among many others) or layback to tape via a variety of audio and video outputs using the internal chase synchronizer. All of this enables VCube to remove the need to use high revenue generating dubbing theatres for creating masters and performing quality control tests.

The VCube family includes:

  • VCUBE LE PLAYER - Offers a cost-effective solution for audio post production, ADR, Screening, Live Events and simple video referencing. As software only package, it can be installed on any suitable PC and can import an array of video formats detailed in the VCube specifications.
  • VCUBE XE PLAYER - The enhanced version of the LE and ideally suited as a Video Player for Job Preparation, Finalisation, Conversion and Transcoding as it comes standard with the ability to import/export, transcode/render/wrap the media.
  • VCUBE SE PLAYER/RECORDER - Recording capability added as standard with all the functionality you could require as a Video Player/Recorder for ingest, Editing and VTR replacement in either standard or High-definition configurations. VCUBE SE SD or HD is standard with SDI and Analogue video/audio inputs and outputs.
  • VCUBE LE/XE/SE PRO VERSIONS - Have the ability of including Merging Technologies new sync card, which offers Video Ref Sync I/O with LTC, RS 422, MIDI MC, and optionally Bi-phase, if you need to synchronise VCube to external machines.  VCube LE can also be installed in the same machine as Pyramix without the need for the sync card, as full synchronisation is achieved through Merging Technologies Virtual Transport™ technology.

VCUBE HD TURNKEY is the ultimate system for the ultimate software. Any of the packages above are available in bespoke Merging Technologies VCubeHD chassis. With specifications able to play back even the most demanding HD videos, this system is compelling for any large scale professional endeavour for all your video playbacks.

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